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Welcome to Landmark Immigration!

Best Study AbroadConsultants at Your Service

We are a group of highly motivated, self-motivated professionals who are committed to and have a steadfast goal of empowering learners to allow students to reach their goals.

We take a comprehensive personal approach to teaching that has allowed us to provide outstanding outcomes consistently.

Reliable Support

As the best study abroad consultants in India, we help students pursue higher education and further enhance their professional opportunities abroad. With our help, students or clients are bound to reach new heights and realize their ambitions.

Customer Services at the Best

At Landmark, Customer service is a priority and is a vital aspect of our brand. We're constantly striving to improve the overall customer/student experience. We take our pupils' dreams as the basis of our objectives. Our success is based on the achievement of our students.


Since 2007 We have been Offering Valuable Visa Services.

We are known in the field of immigration because of our highly-specialized and results-oriented services. Landmark has earned a name among our customers for improving their satisfaction when it comes to trustworthy visa processing services. We employ a systematic approach that results in successful migrations to countries such as the UK and Canada, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other European Countries.

With our efforts towards the fulfillment of your dreams, we have successfully witnessed 22000+ visas in our journey of 15 years.

The core team of Landmark Immigration is led by experts who have greater than fifteen years of expertise in the field of visa application. Our best study abroad consultants in India have extensive knowledge of the various areas in Immigration Processing Visas, Immigration, and related services.

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Let us Begin with a Free Estimate of Your Abroad Journey

We at Landmark Immigration offer the best study visa consultants in Chandigarh. As you are a novice in this journey, we draft a rough overview of your complete finances. This can help you with all financial aspects until you reach your goal.

Apart from Chandigarh, we also serve Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Vadodara, Mohali, Moga, Amritsar, Bathinda, and Jind.

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