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The Canada Student Visa is one of the most sought-after and popular ways to study abroad. And to obtain the visa, you have to adhere to certain Canada study visa requirements.

For most students, the chance to attend a Canadian institution is a dream come true. 

If you want to study in Canada in January 2023, you must start applying for a student visa as soon as possible. This will help you get your passport earlier and ensure that you are prepared to start your studies as soon as you arrive.

Study permit requirements

The Canadian government says that the application processing time for a study permit can range from six to thirteen weeks. 

Canada Student Visa Eligibility Conditions

You must meet the criteria for applying for a Canada Study Visa. 

  • You must meet the requirements of an individual who is fully vaccinated. AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, Bharat Biotech Covaxin, etc., are among the approved vaccines.
  • You have been approved by a named learning institute (DLI).
  • You must confirm your ability to pay for the cost and tuition of your education and living expenses while you’re in Canada and your return travel expenses for yourself and your family members who accompany you to Canada. 
  • You must demonstrate that your criminal history is clean and that you do not have any open lawsuits.
  • It is essential to have a health check-up and get medical certificates that prove that you’re in good health.

Additionally, you must convince the visa agent at the visa interview that you’ll leave Canada when you finish your studies.

What documents are needed to apply for a Canada Student Visa in 2023?

A student visa request must be submitted once you receive school acceptance letters. You’ll need these documents if you’re applying for a student visa in Canada.

1. Valid Passport

To apply for a Study Permit, you must have a valid passport. In accordance with the Canadian High Commission, you must possess an official passport valid for the period you plan to the duration of your stay in Canada. 

2. Evidence of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution

You’ll need an acknowledgment letter from the school or university you plan to attend. A Designated Learning Institute is a University that has been recognized as such by the Immigration Department. 

3. Evidence of funds

You must provide proof of money when applying to obtain a Study Permit. Based on the standards of the current immigration system in Canada, you must reveal that you offer sufficient funds for tuition and cover living expenses.

Canadian Immigration views a foreign exchange student as having at least $10,000 per year to live in the nation. Beyond the two points above, students will also be required to prove that they can cover the costs of the fair return of their return. The proof of funds can be done through the following documents:

  • A GIC issued by an eligible Canadian financial institution is a certificate of deposit of a private company that the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation guarantees. 
  • Many accredited cooperative or decentralized educational institutions issue student loans. 
  • Bank drafts issued in the last four months can be exchanged for Canadian dollars.
  • The proof of tuition paid and the housing fee
  • A letter from a person or school who has given you money
  • Evidence of funds received from within Canada

4. Passport Image Size

If you’ve chosen to submit online applications, you’ll require two passport-sized photos that meet the guidelines. If you are applying online, you must submit an electronic copy of the photo, which must not exceed 4MB.

Other requirements include standard neutral facial expressions, plain backgrounds, and no headwear (unless to be used for religious reasons).


  • A minimum of 35 mm by 45 mm image dimensions are required
  • The photo should be current (not more than six months old)
  • Your name and date of birth must be spelled out on the reverse of every photo

5. Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

Canadian Immigration requires foreign applicants from India to take a mandatory Immigration Medical Examination from impaneled doctors. 

The panel doctor will conduct an entire medical examination of the applicant and might refer you to chest x-rays or lab tests. All findings from the exam will be forwarded to CIC by the doctor once completed.

6. English Language Proficiency Exam Score

You’ll need to submit your English proficiency test to confirm your acceptance into Canadian University. 

7. Statement of The Purpose

Take the case of a Canadian Study Permit application. In that case, you must submit an essay detailing the purpose behind your visit to Canada and why you chose the institution you have selected. 

8. Credit Card

If you’re making an application online, you must use a credit card account to pay the application fee.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Canadian Study Permit?

You can begin obtaining a Canada student visa by following the steps below.

  • Review the processing times: Canada visa processing duration is nine weeks if you’re seeking to apply to Canada from outside Canada and four weeks if applying within Canada.
  • Find out how you’ll submit your application: There are two methods to apply:

1. Apply online:

To apply online, you must be connected to either a scanner or camera to make electronic versions of documents to upload and have a credit card that can be used to pay.

However, you must present a finger scan at the local Visa Application Centre (VAC). 

Remember that if you apply for Online Applications, you must submit your passports to the VFS offices. You will also need to present proof of your form and fee payment. 

2. Application by paper 

Download the application kit and read the instruction manual. The instruction guide is packed with essential information on permits for study and guidelines to help you finish your application. 

Take the time to read the guide thoroughly and use the document checklist.

You can apply for a paper application only with two conditions:

  • If you have a disability that prevents you from applying online
  • If you are a holder of an identity card or travel document that is for refugees, non-nationals, or stateless individuals
  • Fill in this VFS Consent Application Form, and include it on the application form. This form is required to access VFS services during your visa application.
  • Payment of processing fees: Note that when submitting an application through the VFS, in person, or via mail, the visa fees are due along with VFS Global service fees.

Processing fees are non-refundable in all instances.

  • If your spouse/common-law spouse or children are traveling with you, and you’re seeking temporary residence visas, permits for work, or permits to study for them, then you’ll need to pay the appropriate processing fee.
  • Upload your application and the supporting documentation: The applicant must go to the closest VFS office. Once you’re there, make payment for the charges and present them with the entire application to receive a receipt. 

The receipt includes your unique tracking number that will be required to monitor the development of your online application.

If your application is approved, you will receive a notification from your Government of Canada requesting your passport. 

You can present the passport and the request letter in person or via VFS. The applicant will be issued a Temporary Resident Visa and an Introduction Letter.


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