When it comes to immigration plans, one country that tops everyone’s lists is Canada. The country has always remained in a good light even on diplomatic terms. And during the most troubled times in the world, Canada remains far from these problems. And now with Canada reopening its doors with Canadian immigration programs in 2023, it is safe to say that you can resume your relocating, studying, and working plans in Canada.  Take a look at some reasons why you should study in Canada in 2023.

1. Safety

Every country has its own fair share of internal conflicts and issues. Canada does too but almost infrequently. In fact, Canadians score higher on international tests for civility than any other country! It also fared well on the Global Peace Index by ranking 12th safest and most peaceful country in the world.

Seeing things from a political stance, the conflicts remain non-existent.  This stabilizes immigrant safety, making it an incredible reason for you to relocate. Crime rates are low, police are friendly and helpful, people trust each other and their neighbors, and people are polite.

Canadian are known for their hospitality, and warmth- citizens or not. The sweetness does not solely come from the maple syrup but from their kind nature and open hearts and minds. They apologize for the slightest inconvenience and greet you at every crossroad– such is the gentle mannerisms of Canadians.

That said, their impeccable nature is famous throughout the world. And maybe you as a student may learn a thing or two from such a lovely population. At first, it might get slightly overwhelming to adjust to the niceness but you get the hang of it sooner than you know. It is a great reputation on its own. 

2. Immigration Programs

Canadian immigration programs are rather generous. Their generosity derives from the fact that the Canadian economy is heavily dependent on it.

They welcome young, skilled immigrants to strengthen their economy and add value to the nation. This is also why about 85% of newcomers become citizens. Overall immigrant and refugee earnings match the Canadian average about 12 years after arrival.

3. There isn’t a state faith

Canada is a secular country. There is no official state church in Canada, with the exception of the Anglican Church (Anglicanism) which has its own cathedral in Ottawa and some other churches around the country.

In fact, many Canadians don’t even consider themselves religious anymore because there are so many religions that live together peacefully here. So, if you are to immigrate to Canada with your family or you are planning to study in Canada in 2023, cultural, religious, and racist issues will be the least of your concerns.

You are free to follow and practice any faith with the utmost respect. In addition to being known for its rich history, Canada also boasts one of the most diverse populations on Earth today due to immigration trends over time. This is where secularism in Canada comes from.

4. It is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world!

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to call your home, Canada is it. It has so much to offer its residents and visitors alike! One of the most beautiful things about living in Canada is that there are so many lakes all around you.

These lakes are beautiful because they provide food, recreation, water for drinking and irrigation (and even hydroelectricity), meaning that wherever you go in this country there will always be something new to see or do.

5. Freedom & Liberty

Canada has a relaxed attitude towards alcohol consumption and (legal) drug use, which means that drug-related crime rates are very low compared with other countries around the world. The same goes for car accidents; there were few out of a population of 38 million people!

Compare this with any other country and the stats are shocking. Plus, you won’t need any special permits or documentation if you want to drive your vehicle across the border into America – just head on over!

6. Best Educators

Canadian universities and institutions are known for their academic curriculum and quality scholars and professors. Their mission is to impart knowledge and experience at affordable costs, regardless of your citizenship. You do not need any more convincing from us.

7. Fantastic Experience 

As an international student, you are bound to be on your best behavior. After all, you are representing your country and its values. But there is no harm in enjoying your tenure to the fullest.

To study in Canada is like the best of both worlds, on one hand, there is world-class education and on the other, there is a world full of enriching experiences for you. Here’s what you can do-

  • Catch some of the most stunning sceneries of the world in Canada.
  • If you are enrolled at the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Ottawa, or the University of Western Ontario, Carleton University, and York University– You are at the entertainment capital of Canada – Toronto.

While you are there do not skip the major attractions like Toronto Maple Leafs Stadium, Royal Ontario Museum, and the CN Tower. Delve into the world of authentic flavors by visiting Kensington Market, Leslieville, and Chinatown.

You are also in luck as you are close to the awe-inspiring views of the majestic Niagra falls. They are clearly nature’s true masterpiece with a monumental 17km span. 

  • If you are enrolled at the University of Calgary, University of Victoria, University of Alberta, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, or the University of Manitoba then explore the ranch culture at the Calgary Stampede.

Right from rodeo shows, chuckwagon racing, and calf roping to raging bulls, you see it all. And yes it is rightly called a stampede as this show goes on for ten days attracting more than 1.2 million visitors from around the world. 

  • If you are enrolled at McGill University, Concordia University, University of Toronto, Universite de Montreal, York University, and McGill University you are in for a Canadian musical treat. Groove to the sounds of artists like Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morissette, and Michael Buble.

And if pop music isn’t your thing then get thriving with alternative music with bands like Crystal Castles, Chrome, Broken Social Scene, and Death From Above 1979. The Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Wolf Parade, and Junior Boys.

  • Assemble your Canadian classmates and go watch an ice hockey match. It is worth every dime and your time. 

8. You won’t miss home

What makes you homesick? It’s the warmth of your abode. Among such things, the food makes one yearn for their homes. This won’t be a problem if you study in Canada.

The food in Canada is amazing. There are so many different types of foods to choose from, including authentic Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Indian food. But you can also find Canadian cuisine if you’re looking for something unique. There are lots of international restaurants that serve all sorts of cuisines from around the world!


The Great White North has definitely gained this reputation for all the right reasons. And fortunately for you, Canada is now welcoming qualified individuals with open arms. 

Contact our experts to successfully enroll in Canadian Universities to study in Canada. Top-notch educators and a splendid academic curriculum with a world full of amazing adventures await you.

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